unhcr: Jordan / Syrian Refugees / Tesnime, 4, of Daraa, Syria looks up at the sky at her first stopping point after crossing over the border earlier in the day with a 35 strong extended family group near the Jaber crossing on March 12, 2013. As twighlight falls and the first star becomes visible she grabs her father and pointing says, "it's a airplane!" Family and friends reassure her that it is merely a star, but from her short life experience any lights in the sky have already been established as potential dangers which may rain down indescriminate death and destruction at any time. Her father is s planning to deposit her with her mother and 3 siblings in a place of safety before returning with the other men to continue fighting alongside the FSA. Before the current fighting he ran a mobile phone store, but now his conversation is filled with stories of heliocopters, missles, and destruction and he accepts the fact that he may well die in the coming fighting. / UNHCR / Jared J. Kohler / March 2013